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Review: Final Event Most

Edwin Waldhier is the new champion!


New champion E. Waldhier with R. Lechner - Credit Michael Jurtin

At the third and last race weekend of the Porsche Sprint Challenge Central Europe at the Autodrom Most the expected showdown in the championship race took place.

  • Champions 2020: E. Waldhier (Overall & PRO), F. Fast (ProAm), S. Gorbunova (AM)
  • Surprise sprint race victory by Jimmy Llibre
  • Endurance title to Junior Team Germany

The title fight in the Porsche Sprint Challenge Central Europe 2020 reached its peak this weekend. In the overall standings as well as in the PRO, ProAM and AM categories, the decision about the prestigious Clubsport title trophies was still wide open. 24 drivers from eight nations had an intensive programme ahead of them on the race day in Most with two qualifying sessions, two sprint races and the endurance race.

Sprint races
Edwin "Eddy" Waldhier (Junior Team Germany) kept the coolest head in this racing thriller. The 26-year-old from Sindelfingen (GER) secured victory with an impressive performance in the second sprint race and was able to beat his opponent Sascha Halek (AUT, PZWNRacing) in the title duel. For Waldhier this is the biggest success of his very short racing career. Only a few weeks ago, Waldhier beat thousands of competitors in the "Super Racer" casting and won a cockpit at Lechner Racing in the PSCCE. His transition from sim racing to real racing has now been crowned by the PSCCE championship title. During the season, however, Waldhier's competitors did not give him a present, not even at the finale: Halek tested the limits of driving physics and road surface several times in Most, but third place was not enough for the overall victory. But with two race wins and second place overall, a successful PSCCE debut season comes to an end for him. Autodrom Most also saw a new winner on race day: Jimmy Llibre (MOMO-Megatron) from the Dominican Republic was the fourth sprint race winner of the season. In a thrilling three-way fight with Jonas Greif (GER, Junior Team Germany) and Halek in the first sprint of the day, Llibre was able to cross the finish line just nine thousand of a second in front of his opponents.

Freddy Fast (AUT, Freddy Fast Racing), the man with a racer's name, can now also call himself a champion in the ProAM category. With two class wins, twice ahead of local hero Milan Sitniansky (CZE, Sportgarage), he clearly fixed the title. The race for the champion's trophy in the AM category was close, with only a two-point difference in favour of Svetlana Gorbunova (RUS, #JokerRacing). The AM class wins in Most went to Holger Schick and Leo Willert.

100 Miles of Czech Republic
Llibre and his teammate Marius Morosan (ROU) boasted an incredible performance in the endurance race. The MOMO-Megatron duo led the race until the last ten minutes, but then "locomotive" Waldhier passed the leaders. Because Sattler/Janits ( also managed to pass them, Llibre/Morosan had to accept third place. With their second endurance victory of the year, Waldhier and Partner Greif (Junior Team Germany) also took the overall victory in the Endurance and Team classification.

Edwin Waldhier (Overall winner Porsche Sprint Challenge Central Europe 2020):
"Narrowly missing the pole position was quite depressing. Thankfully, my family motivated me. In the race I had a déjà-vu, like in Salzburg I dropped back to third position at the start, even behind Halek. I decided to act and drove to victory. 115 days ago, I wasn't a race car driver, now I'm a champion – unbelievable!"

Freddy Fast (ProAM Champion PSCCE 2020):
"Even if it's called 'club sport', all pilots are fully motivated and want to win, nobody likes to lose! But we are one big family, and everyone can be happy with the other's victory. This weekend will certainly not be forgotten."

Svetlana Gorbunova (AM Champion PSCCE 2020):
"First of all, I am pleased that the 2020 season could take place at all. I was very motivated after finishing second last year. Things did not go so well for me at the Salzburgring, but there was still a chance and it was clear to me that I wasn't giving up! The second sprint race then brought me the title. I will come back in 2021, then maybe as ProAM."

Robert Lechner (Sporting Director PSCCE):
"We experienced an exciting and fair final weekend without safety car interruptions. It makes us proud, of course, that the new champion Eddy Waldhier was casted by Lechner Racing and that he was able to successfully prove the trust placed in him. Compliments also to all the other drivers for the great performances we have seen this season. Walter and I would also like to thank all partners and staff who made the second season of the PSCCE possible."


New champion E. Waldhier with R. Lechner - Credit Michael Jurtin
Close battles all over the place - Credit M. Trenkler
First win for J. Llibre - Credit Martin Trenkler
New ProAM champ Freddy Fast - Credit M. Trenkler
S. Gorbanova, the fastest lady in PSCCE - Credit M. Trenkler
Title fight between Waldhier (f.) and Halek - Credit M. Trenkler

Edwin Waldhier is the new champion!


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